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I have worked for many years using the arts (music, poetry, theater, movement, painting, etc.) to help people find relief, restore balance, release expressions and become more whole and integrated in mind, body and spirit. I taught graduate school in Lesley University's Expressive Therapy program and Endicott College's Master of Arts and Learning program. I have worked in numerous mental health settings and in private practice. I love this work and see its relevance in the holistic massage and energy work I now practice. This isn't really a change of direction for me, more like adding a missing piece to my repertoire.

I have always loved and been fascinated by massage and bodywork and experienced it as being about much more than a physical treatment. I have traveled the globe and received many styles of massage from all types of people. I seemed to absorb the different techniques I liked and would always come back and practice each intriguing move on my friends and family. I also chose to receive massage as part of my commitment to wellness and went every two weeks to acupressure for many, many years. I learned a great deal from those sessions as well as from a talented chiropractor I used to go to in California who taught me a bit about Kinesiology and Cranial Sacral work. My fascination with massage and bodywork finally took over and I went back to school yet again to study massage and Polarity Therapy.

My massage work today draws back on the influences of my career as an expressive therapist and teacher, my experience and exploration as a self-taught massage therapist and the formal training in massage and energy healing I added to that base. I am still passionate and inspired by this work and continue to learn each day and from each new person I encounter. My style is eclectic because I spent so much time with massage and healing before I studied formally and also because I discovered energy healing on my own and developed my own skills and "language" before learning the techniques and terminology of Reiki and Polarity. Because of this, I use the formal structures somewhat uniquely as my sense perceptions were intuitively trained differently.

I feel that what I bring to this work (in addition to diverse life experiences and a fascination with physics) is a true appreciation for the individuality and uniqueness of each person with whom I work. That is why I offer customized healing sessions. We all have preferences and beliefs that need to be honored as a starting point for any therapeutic work. There is a time when really deep muscle massage is absolutely what is needed and wanted. There may also be a time for stillness and turning inward with gentle touch and attention to energy. You get to decide. What works best ultimately is really not one modality or another but what you believe will work best and what your own healing intuition guides you to choose.

My aim in offering these customized sessions is that people who have never experienced holistic massage before will feel comfortable enough and in control so that they can experiment and discover what is beneficial for them--try it and see if they find it helpful. For those who have some familiarity with massage and energy healing, I would like to open up the infinite possibilities in this kind of work to find the most optimal circumstances for encouraging healing, relaxation, and finding balance in mind body and spirit. Massage and energy healing have tremendous potential for doing transformative work on many levels and finding that potential for each individual is my goal.

Stephanie Grenadier, Owner: LMT, LMHC

Stephanie Grenadier has a B.A. in Fine Arts from San Francisco State University, an M.A. in Expressive Therapies from Lesley University in Cambridge and certification in massage therapy from Spa Tech Institute in Plymouth and is licensed by the State of Massachusetts as a massage therapist and a mental health counselor.
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