Erotic massage in the salon in Kyiv

Erotic massage helps to relax after a working day. It is aimed at getting pleasure, relieving tension from the muscles. Body massage for men in Kyiv is performed by experienced masseuses.

Components of a comfortable session

  1. Atmosphere. The man lies down on the table. The room is in twilight. Music can play. Sometimes clients ask to light candles, aroma sticks. The atmosphere should be relaxing.
  2. Oils. Make it easier to slide your hands, help relieve tension. Aromatic oils eliminate negative emotions, help to relax, find peace.
  3. Technique. Start the massage from the feet, gradually rising to the back, then to the neck. It is important not to rush, otherwise you will not be able to achieve complete relaxation.

Massage salon offers clients several techniques. So, “Rider” allows a girl to sit on a man, giving him access to a beautiful body. While massaging the shoulders, breasts, you can admire the masseuse and get more thrills. The warm breath of a girl, her closeness can enhance orgasm.

The “Hot Spot” technique is aimed at working with the lower back. There are many nerve endings in the sacrum. Massaging improves blood circulation, gives a strong erection.

The “Kitty” technique is aimed at visual pleasure. The masseur rests his palms on the man’s torso, gently bending in his back and stretching. These flirtations can enhance the sensations.

Masseuses work with the area of ​​the back, shoulders, buttocks. Movements can be diagonal – contributes to the final removal of muscle blocks.

There are other techniques as well. Erotic massage in Kyiv is available to all men.